At Emerging Auckland we are very excited about what lies ahead for the Auckland City Centre, we have already seen the city centre mature and develop into an inviting and happening place to dwell in, particularly over the past six years.


We have created a series of photo galleries showcasing many of Auckland's City Centre & City Fringe suburbs as well as popular city 'perspectives' including the Auckland Skyline and Waterfront. The focus of these albums is to highlight the uniqueness of period and architecture within our living communities and to show off Auckland for the beautiful, unique city it is.


Our 'Urban Showcase' is a work in progress and we will be updating and refreshing these galleries regularly.


Auckland Waterfront

Images of Auckland's stunning Waterfront and Natural Harbour

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City Centre

All that is great about Auckland City Centre

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Auckland Skyline

Panoramic views of Auckland's picturesque skyline

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Through recent development and in rejuvination of otherwise neglected passages, we have seen the revitalisation of existing City Centre Laneways and the creation of new Laneways across the City.

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Influences of Tangata whenua

Tangata whenua is a Māori term meaning "people of the land", from tangata, 'people' and whenua 'land'

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Arts & Culture

Auckland enjoys an emerging cultural and arts scene and our rich ethnic diversity, history and culture makes Auckland an exciting and vibrant City

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Arch Hill

City Fringe West - Most of the houses on the Arch Hill area date from around the turn of the 20th century and many are small workers cottages or wooden villas

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City Centre - Britomart is at the heart of urban regeneration, undergoing a stunning transformation at the hands of Cooper & Co and currently the hippest fashion and dining zone in Downtown Auckland

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The beautiful harbourside suburb of Devonport located on the North Shore, at the southern end of a peninsula opposite Downtown Auckland

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Eden Terrace

City Fringe South - Eden Terrace is one of Auckland’s oldest suburbs, and also one of the smallest second only to Newton. Eden Terrace features a mix of old a new architecture largely centered around Basque Park

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Freemans Bay

City Fringe West - Freemans Bay was literrally a former Bay, reclaimed to conceal an ancient shoreline. Previously home to gas works, slums and social housing, gradually 'gentrified' into a desireable place to live, work and play. Notable 1970's modernist architecture

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City Fringe - South - Grafton retains many historic buildings, largely unchanged through the 20th century. Grafton borders the Auckland Domain and is popular with medical students due to its close proximity with Auckland Hospital.

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Grey Lynn

City Fringe - West - Centered around popular Grey Lynn Park the area is a favorite with 'bohemian' culture, free-thinkers and anti-establishment artisans as well having a rich polynesian history. Grey Lynn has retained its classic charm and is a very desireable inner city location.

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Herne Bay

City Fringe - West - Herne Bay was recently endorsed as Auckland's first $2m suburb and is home to the socioeconomically 'upper-class' community of Auckland. Eclectic mix of historic and very modern architecture and very desirable

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Karangahape Road

City Fringe - West - the Karangahape Road 'strip' as one of the city's cultural centre is famous for bohemiansim, the underdog and popular with the LGBT community. Notorius as the 'red light' district through the 70s, 80s and 90s the strip is currently undergoing a form of redevelopment, cognisent of retaining its place within popular culture

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City Fringe - West - Home to Eden Park, Kingsland is a popular area featuring great cafes, bars and restaurants. Very popular with students and retains its historic character with a mixture of charming buildings, bungalows and villas

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Mt Eden

City Fringe - South - Mt Eden is centered around the Mount Eden Domain extending the valley from Eden Terrace to Three Kings. A very popular area with a charming and historic 'village' lined with cafes, bars and eateries.

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City Fringe - South East - Newmarket was traditionally the rival to Auckland City for premier retail, featuring many high fashion shops and quality retail stores. Very popular as a shopping destination with stylish urban feel

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City Fringe - South West - Newton is Auckland's smallest suburb fractured into two parts following construction of the Central Motorway Junction during the 1950s. The Northern section is centred on Karangahape Road, with the Southern part on Newton Road and Upper Symonds Streets. Newton retains its historic charm however would invite an opportunity for rejuvination

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City Fringe - South East - Parnell dates from the earliest days of European settlement in Auckland in 1841 and is considered our oldest suburb. Parnell retains a very historic charm and might be considered the 'darling' of Auckland with it's quaint mix of bohemian and high fashion shops. Popular with the well-to-do of Auckland Society

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City Fringe - West - Ponsonby is a very popular upper-middle class suburb, well appreciated for fine dining eclectic shopping, cafes, art galleries, and nightclubs. Ponsonby Road cuts an arterial centre through a charming mix of restored villas and modern architecture

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Saint Mary's Bay

City Fringe - North - Home to the Catholic Bishop of Auckland, Saint Mary's Bay originally had direct paths and roads leadin to the foreshore below, later lost to construction of the Northern Motorway

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Wynyard Quarter

City Fringe - North - Previously known as 'Tank Farm' and covered by petrol and liquid chemical storage facilities the area is currently undergoing major redevelopment into a mixed residential and commercial community showcasing the best in modern urban design

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Cruise Ships

Auckland is the key hub for luxury cruise ships that visit New Zealand waters. Total passenger arrivals in 2015/16 is forecast to support 10,354 jobs and inject $543 million in economic value to New Zealand.

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Courts of Auckland

A showcase of Auckland Courts including one of the grandest buildings in Auckland is the striking Supreme Courthouse (now High Court) on the corner of Waterloo Quadrant and Anzac Avenue. A 'powerful example of Gothic Revival architecture' built in 1868.

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Emerging Auckland is a Development Tracker - documenting, tracking  progress and 'showcasing' current and planned private construction and civic infrastructure developments within 'inner Auckland', New Zealand.


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