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The best way to show you how CRL construction is progressing is by capturing and recording the project in photos, so we will be tracking each stage of the project as it emerges - with standard photography, videos and aerial imagery.


CRL is a massive undertaking and construction will take place in several packages - so our photo galleries will follow construction staging.  As main works advance we will create new galleries; for the time being the 'main works' gallery captures everything beyond Wyndham Street incidental to Construction Contracts 1 and 2.

Construction Contract 1

Britomart Temporary Station Entrance, & Lower Queen Street Tunnels
Construction Contract 1 involves decommissioning and later restoring the former Central Post Office station building, constructing a ‘temporary station facility’ to the rear of the CPO, constructing two rail tunnels under the CPO and through Lower Queen Street to the eastern ‘stub’ of the Commercial Bay site and from the western ‘stub’ of the Commercial Bay site to Customs Street.  Construction Contract 1 commenced during July 2016 with construction of the temporary station concourse and accommodation facility. That programme will be completed around December 2016 with a changeover of operations from the CPO to the new temporary facility over the Xmas closure period.
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Britomart Transport Centre Reinstatement

The BTC was designed by California architect Mario Madayag in collaboration with local Auckland architects Jasmax and constructed within the former Auckland Chief Post Office building
As part of CRL Construction Contract 1 the Britomart Transport Centre, situated within the former Central Post Office, will be decommissioned to enable CRL tunnel portals to be constructed below.  The current 'dead end' at Britomart will be superseded by east and west bound tunnels, completing the current rail network. The CPO Building was designed by Claude Paton and government architect John Campbell and originally opened in 1912.  As part of CRL works the CPO will be fully restored and reinstated to its former glory.
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Commercial Bay Development

Former Downtown Shopping Centre site
In addition to Construction Contracts 1 and 2, on behalf of Auckland Transport, Fletcher Construction who will construct a portion of CRL tunnels through the Commercial Bay construction site to Auckland Transports design and specification.  Commercial Bay will be developed by Precinct Properties Limited on the site of the former Downtown Shopping Centre which closed on 29 May 2016 having been a presence in downtown Auckland from 1975, for 41 years.
This album will follow the demolition of the Downtown Shopping Centre and construction of CRL tunnels through the Commercial Bay basement.
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Lower Queen Street Reinstatement

Lower Queen Street is the portion of Queen Street immediately adjacent to the former Central Post Office building and Britomart Transport Centre
Lower Queen Street was completely closed to to vehicle traffic on April 2016.  The area immediately adjacent to the BTC will form an ‘activation space, prior to the construction of CRL tunnels and will be reinstated as a permanent public square at the conclusion of CRL works.
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Construction Contract 2

Pipe jack programme & Utility Diversions - Albert, Victoria, Swanson and Wellesley Streets
Construction Contract 2 includes a pipe jacking a new stormwater main along the eastern side of Albert Street, between Swanson and Wellesley Streets and strengthening of the Orakei Sewer Main across Albert Street.
To enable the pipe jack and cut and cover tunnel works the diversion or relocation of many essential utility services along Albert, Victoria, Swanson and Wellesley Streets is required. This includes stormwater pipes, electricity supply cables, telecommunications cables, gas pipes, sewer pipes and any other service conduit that needs to be safely relocated. Utility diversion is a significant body of work which commenced during December 2015.  Pipe jacking and cut & cover tunnel construction will commence during Quarter 4, 2016.
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Construction Contract 2

Albert Street Cut & Cover Tunnels
The main body of work under Construction Contract 2 will be the construction of twin cut and cover tunnels along Albert Street from Customs Street to Wyndham Street. The tunnels will be constructed using the bottom-up construction method where a deep trench up to 18 metres deep is excavated and the tunnel constructed through it, then carefully back-filled and the surface reinstated.
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City Rail Link Main Works

Aotea Station to Mt Eden Station
The City Rail Link main works includes construction of a cut and cover Aotea Station along Albert Street between Victoria and Wellesley Streets with entrances at Victoria Street West & Wellesley Streets; the construction of Karangahape Road Station and a significantly redeveloped Mt Eden Station. 'Main works' includes boring two large rail tunnels from around the Aotea Centre and up to Eden Terrace. Construction will also include connecting the CRL with a live operating railway at Mt Eden and works at Britomart East to optimise the network.
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