Forecast population growth and the need for improved public transport are proving the catalyst for an estimated $10bn+ of private investment within the Auckland CBD and city fringes as well as considerable additional civic infrastructure investment by Auckland Council, Auckland Transport and Panuku Development Auckland to provide for more residential accommodation, commercial office space, student accommodation and improved public amenity & urban environment.


In 2012 Auckland Council adopted The Auckland City Centre Masterplan (ACCM) which was drafted around a series of assumptions on the future development of Auckland City including estimated population growth and housing, transport and civic infrastructure requirements and sets out the vision for Auckland over the next 20-year period to around 2030.  The ACCM defines a clear pathway towards taking the Auckland City Centre forward as the cultural, civic, retail and economic heart of Auckland.


Private investment together with realising the ACCM will see Auckland City enter a period of intense development and urban renewal over the coming few years. By around 2020-2024 we will start to see a very different and vastly matured city.


Auckland is currently experiencing an unprecedented construction boom. The Auckland skyline is currently dominated by tower cranes, and demolition is underway at many locations across the city clearing the path for new residential towers and high rise commercial offices. Construction sites have been established across the city. If you work within the city centre, you will by now be familiar with piling rigs and other civil construction machinery.


In addition to demand for accommodation and commercial office space, Auckland requires considerable investment in public transport. During late December 2015 construction of the City Rail Link commenced with a programme of utility works, and during the past year works have progressed with piling in Customs and Lower Albert Streets where cut and cover tunnels will be constructed from Britomart Station to Wyndham Street.  At the same time, many private development projects are also underway.  These developments, along with many other planned projects will provide the catalyst for a significantly redeveloped Auckland City Centre and improved urban environment.


The main works programme for the City Rail Link will include the construction of two new city shaping metro rail stations within the Auckland City Centre, a redeveloped Britomart Transport Centre, upgraded Mt Eden Station and opportunity for the redevelopment of currently neglected areas of the city, including a streamlined Albert Street.


This is a very exciting time for Auckland, collectively these developments will contribute to reshaping our city from how we see it today into a very different metropolitan Auckland City Centre between 2020-2024.


Between 2020-2024 Auckland City will likely include:

  • a modern skyline featuring many new residential apartments and office towers including Commercial Bay, The Pacifica & Seascape Apartments.
  • an additional 167,000sqm* of commercial office space
  • approximately 7,000** new residential apartment units and townhouses
  • the world class New Zealand International Convention Centre
  • many new, high grade Hotels
  • a redeveloped Aotea Centre & 'Civic Quarter'
  • an upgraded University of Auckland
  • a well advanced Wynyard Quarter incorporating luxury urban living with developments including Wynyard Central Apartments & 132 Halsey, retail and commercial space including a modern innovation hub and leading marine industry
  • an even more improved Britomart Precinct
  • a completed Metro Rail Link (CRL) and upgraded commuter rail network providing a significantly improved rail experience for all Aucklanders & potentially, a Light Rail Network under construction
  • walkway and cycle paths to the North Shore via a completed Skypath & Seapath
  • purpose built, safe and inviting cycle networks, throughout the city
  • further improved road and motorway networks
  • an opened up Westhaven and Waterfront, boardwalks and pathways
  • a redeveloped Downtown Ferry Basin
  • an upgraded world class Auckland City Centre urban environment, reshaped with people oriented streetscapes, laneways, public squares, parks, commons and pedestrian prioritised shared spaces...

...and much more

To learn more about some of the current City Centre Projects follow the links below...

  * Source = Colliers International Report – January 2016

** Emerging Auckland estimate March 2016 - Auckland City Centre & Fringe

+    as at 2016

Emerging Auckland is a Development Tracker - documenting, tracking  progress and 'showcasing' current and planned private construction and civic infrastructure developments within 'inner Auckland', New Zealand.


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